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We want you to write for us! We don’t care if you are a newcomer to the industry or a long-time health expert. So long as it’s punchy, intelligent, and attractive, we are interested in publishing you on Meganewshub. Please read the guidelines for the write for us health section.

Why Should You Write For Us Health?

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We ask that submissions be between 1000-1500 words and feature outside resources to validate arguments within the piece. Resources must be hyperlinked within the pieces, so readers can refer to outside information and follow along on your point. Please make sure that your submission is informative and comprehensively covers a topic. .

Depending on the article’s quality, pieces take anywhere from 1-5 days to review. Publishing the piece takes anywhere from 2-5 days (depending on how busy our schedule is).

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*Note: You can reach out to us for ideas. We will not publish any content that has been previously covered.;

Write for Us Health: We accept content on the following topics

Thanks for showing interest in writing for meganewshub

What articles can I write?;

You can write an article that relates to the categories

  • Disease
  •  fitness
  • Health
  • Weight Loss
  • Nutrition
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  •  wellness
  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • memory
  • And any other topic related to health

Please note we do not accept articles linking to casino or adult websites.

Who is welcome to write for us?

We’re welcoming authors from different fields who have adequate knowledge of Health subjects. All inspiring health educators, doctors, researchers, and health consultants can contribute with an article. 

We’re welcoming authors from different fields. Anybody with a proper and substantial understanding of numerous Health subjects is welcome to contribute with a Health guest post. All passionate health educators, doctors, fitness trainers, and industry experts can contribute with health guest posts. Contact us to submit your health guest post if you have any new academic topics or observant views.

We value all pitches on Health and Fitness-based subjects. Your content has to be unique, original, and 100% plagiarism-free. Valuable and thoughtful posts that would benefit our readers are constantly invited at Meganewshub. Assist our community of academic contributors to grow by sending us your Health guest blogs.

Write for Us Health: Content Guidelines

  • We will consider only original, unique, relevant, and well-written content. If you have published this article elsewhere, please do not submit it again here. All submissions are published after we check Copyscape and Google!
  • Posts should be 1000 – 1500 words.
  • All images should be original, licensed, or public domain. (No copyright infringement, please)
  • The articles should be easily readable and divided into sections with subheadings.
  • Finally, all links in the post should be relevant and quality websites.
  • 1 link per 300 words is ideal, max 2-3 links, including the author link.
  • Please include an author byline.
  • We appreciate your efforts and would love to link back to your website. So, please write something worth linking to.

We are selective about what posts we publish. Your writing should be well-written, interesting, unique, and informative.

Health Write for us: How to submit a health guest post?

Please mail us your topics at [email protected]. With the

– Subject (Health Guest Post or Advertising)

– Mention your health guest post topic

– and the Website that you want to link

We will get back to you as soon as possible if you follow our guidelines.

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