Rajputs were the family members of India throughout the traditional period, that is -the 13th century. The term Rajput is usually related to the initial Suryavanshi, Chandravanshi, and Agnivanshi families. Top 10 Rajput caste in Pakistan are Bhatti, Punwar, Chauhan, Minhas, Tiwana, Noon, Ranghar, Khokhar, Ghakkar, Meo, Chib Gheba, Jodhra, Janjua, Sial, and also Wattu, and so on.

History of Rajput caste

Muslim Rajputs are those Rajputs that practice Islam. The 1931 evaluation of British India was the last to stand tape partnership in a way that offers reputable data on Rajput socioeconomics. Any kind of contemporary assessment is speculative; they also vary broadly.

The 1931 list detailed an accumulation of 10.7 million people self-depicting as Rajput. Of this population, it was concerning 8.6 million individuals were similarly self-depicted as Hindu, about 2.1 million as Muslim, and around 50,000 as Sikh by religious beliefs.

Muslim success of South Asia At the hr of appearance of Islam, the north and also west area of South Asia area was provided by Rajput groups. The Rajputs and Muslim armed pressures took on numerous disputes for the control of South Asia.

Qutb-ud-in Aybak proclaimed himself the key Sultan of Delhi.

Muslim Rajput families, for example, the Janjua, assisted the Mughal success of India by partaking in the supreme armed forces. It should also be referenced that Hindu Rajputs joined these successes as companions and partook in marriage with the Mughals like the Kachwaha Rajput Clan (that gave Rani Jodha Bhai’s hand to Emperor Akbar), Raja Man Singh aided Mughal Emperor Akbar in 1568 against the Sesodias.

Top 10 Rajput castes in Pakistan

We have mentioned the top 10 Rajput caste in Pakistan below:

1- Bhatti

It is one of the top 10 Rajput caste in Pakistan. Bhati is a tribe of Rajputs, Gurjars, and Jats primarily discovered in India and Pakistan. Some Gurjar Bhatis were migrant cow attendants. In the years going before the Indian insubordination of 1857, these gatherings lost land by choices made by the British East India Company

2– Punwar

The Muslim Rajput Panwar resides in India, Pakistan, and Nepal. The Punwar, sometimes pronounced as Purmar or even Puar, were the 3rd most prominent Rajput caste in Punjab. The eastern Punwar, which phoned around 33,553, or 50% of the overall populace, was like the Chauhans, a tribe of Ranghar pastoralists concentrated in Haryana.

3- Chauhan

Chauhan, Chouhan, Chohan, or Chohhan, is a family name of the Rajput setting from North India. The Chauhans were a remarkable gathering in the locale presently known as Rajasthan. For around a very long time from the 7th century CE, their uniformity in Sambhar was a threat to the force base of the Guhilots in the southwest of the area. In addition, it was the strength of their kindred Agnivanshi clans. They withstood a put-off in 1192 when their chief, Prithviraj Chauhan, was crushed at the Second Battle of Tarain, yet this didn’t mean their death. The realm broke into the Satyapura as well as Devda branches after the attack of Qutbu l-Din Aibak in 1197

4- Minhas

The Manhas or Minhas is Rajput family found. They are found in Punjab, Himachal, Jammu, and Kashmir. ( Suryavanshi Rajputs). They are found in Hindu, Muslim, as well as Sikh area and are also one of the top 10 rajput caste in pakistan which still exist..

5- Tiwana

The Tiwana team of Shahpur is an old Muslim Rajput family asserting normal drop with the Silas of Jhang and the Ghebas of Pindigheb. They are among the most prominent landowning households in Punjab and have actually presumed an influential part in Punjabi governmental concerns since the seventeenth century. The Tiwana is a Punjabi Jatt and Rajput tribe from the Punjab location of India and Pakistan. The Tiwanas in Indian Punjab are generally Sikhs, while the Tiwanas of Pakistani Punjab are practically all Muslims.


6- Noon

The Noon is a clan of Jat and Rajput status, discovered primarily in Shujabad Tehsil of Multan District. Based on one of their practices, they are slipped Noon, a Bhatti Rajput, who had left Delhi.

The Noon faction lives typically in the Sargodha region and Multan locale of Punjab.

The phenomenal legate of the Noon cast was Rana Fateh Mohammad, that with his household came from District Shahpur (Sargodha) and also got comfy Mouzas Sangu and Chori Noon Tehsil Shorkot District Jhang. After a settlement of 50 years here, they populated Khanqah Shah Hussain close to Shatabgarh in Tehsil Mailsi. During this settlement, Rana Fateh Mohammad accompanied his family to Noqabilwah of Kahror Pacca, which was known as chak Bangar Shirqi, and for all time settled here

7- Khokhar

The Khokhar Khanzada are a Muslim Rajput caste located essentially in India’s Fatehpur region of Uttar Pradesh. The Khokhar declares descendent from Malik Babur, who is said to have originated from Kapurthala in Punjab.

8. Sial

The Sial Rajput individuals have been steers and herdsmen in Pakistan’s Punjab Province for a long time. Nobody recognized them when they relocated to Punjab. The Sial clan (similarly composed of Siyal, Syal, Sayal, and Seyal) is a clan of Khatri in the Punjab locale of the Indian subcontinent. They are discovered in both Indian and Pakistan areas among Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs.

9- Wattu

Wattu is one of the entire Rajput clans of the Sutlej valley who are strongly related to the Bhatti. Their noteworthy country was the area of Bhattiana. It is the location that presently forms sections of Hissar, Sirsa, Fazilka, and Ferozpur regions of Punjab and Haryana, Churu, and Ganganagar regions of Rajasthan. They were semi-traveling cows raising pastoralists, to a great extent complimentary up until the look of the British. After the parcel of Punjab in 1947, the Wattu of Hisar, Sirsa, Fazilka, and Ferozepur relocated to Pakistan.

10- Chib

Chib is a clan of Chandravanshi Rajput Dogra found in the northern parts of India and Pakistan. It is likewise a Hindu Jat caste of Jammu & Kashmir. Most of the population of Chib Rajput are Muslims, while a few of the remaining are Hindus and a very couple of are Sikhs.

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