Food presentation is a skill, and not everyone is good at it! Remember those MasterChef videos you watched on television and how amazingly the contestants presented the food to the judges. 

Whether it was food on a platter or a simple cocktail, they knew how to ace food presentations like a boss. But do you wish to do the same? 

If yes, this is the right place for you. Read on as the blog goes through some easy yet effective ways to make your food look good. 

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So now you’re done with your food preparations. You have spent hours on cooking and It tastes just as lovely now.

What Comes Next?

Yes you guessed it right. We have mentioned some top tips on how to present your food beautifully. Read on!!!!

Set up the table

You might not realise it, but the table you use to set up your food also makes a lot of difference. You should essentially put down a clean tablecloth, arrange the cutlery correctly and have coasters and placements everywhere.

There is just no doubt that a well-arranged table is going to amp up the look of your food!

Use the right dinnerware

Yes! You heard that right. Even the most yummy-looking dish will not feel good if it comes in old, dirty dinnerware. Even a disproportionate one does no good. Overall, your platter must be polished shouldn’t be cracked or stained, even with tiny dirt. 

Not just that, the size of the dinnerware also makes a lot of difference – for instance, if you go for really big plates – the food portion would look significantly less. On the other hand, a small plate will make your feel very congested concerning the food presentation.

PS: don’t miss out on the placemats or chargers that create a unique look to the food. 

Focus on 1 item

If you are styling your food properly, you will realise most of it is technical since a lot of thought goes behind how one should be there or not be there on the plate. There is no hard and fast rule regarding food styling, and you can always leave some room to experiment. 

One easy step to starting the styling process is making the food as aesthetic as possible and ensuring that there is one star on the plate. This could be anything that can take up the most attention – usually with the highest volume like, fish or even a big slab of meat. 

Pick the dishes wisely

Some dishes just cannot be made to look entirely attractive, especially the messy ones. And therefore, choosing them for your well-presented dinner may be the wrong decision. A strong suggestion here is to avoid sloppy dishes like potatoes, rice, and chips, along with watery foods like curry.

On the contrary, you can go for fine dining food such as herbs, fruits and biscuits, and much more. All these dishes should be arranged in the right portions, and not family-sized ones.

Keep it colourful

The colour goes a long way to amping up your meal and its aesthetic. This colour and vibrancy of your food should also, of course, transfer to the taste. You can also ustilise a colour wheel to see how the food colour combo works for your table.

Wrapping Up

That’s it for today regarding everything you need to beautify your dinner table. These simple tips will take your food presentation to the next level and impress your guests. Additionally, keep a full menu so people can have a fulfilling meal.

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