How to Knot and Tuck Your Oversized T-Shirt

A plain T-shirt can be as fashionable as any A plain T-shirt can be as fashionable as any other top if you know How to Knot and Tuck Your Oversized T-Shirt. Whether you wear it beneath a blazer or on its own with jeans, the perfect tee makes a statement. And because you can knot and tie enormous shirts in so many different ways, they can be even better than standard shirts. A nice knot, tie, or tuck can drastically alter the profile and give it more shape.

These styles are ideal for the season now that the weather is getting warmer and summer is approaching. When dressed this way, they’ll look great with high-waisted jeans or shorts—or low-rise ones if you’re feeling brave and putting your toes back into that polarising trend.

I’m no expert, but knotting your large shirt is really simple to do—even if you may need to redo it a few times to get the look just right. To perform this, grab a simple white T-shirt, one with a graphic pattern, or any baggy T-shirt, but keep in mind that the more stretch it has, the easier the steps will be.

You can tie it slack, tight, or somewhere in between, and you can play with with the positioning of these styles (the knot doesn’t have to be centred, after all). This whole knotting, tying, and tucking thing is entirely up to you, so play around with it until your shirt fits perfectly.

Basic Front Knot

This is probably the first knot that springs to mind, and it’ll turn your oversized tees into adorable crop tops for the season. But what about that small end piece that pokes through?

  • In the back of your T-shirt, fold it up.
  • In the front, gather the remaining fabric.
  • Twist the segment until a spiral develops.
  • Wrap the end piece around the ball and pull it through.

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Smooth Front Knot

This method is similar to the previous one, however you fold the cloth at the end over the knot to make it smooth. A simple solution!

A Knotte Simple Front Tuck With a Knot

This straightforward move to shorten T-shirts and give them that “effortless” look is a cross between a tuck and a knot because it allows your top to hang loosely.

  • Grab the sides of your tee and pull it in the back to make it shorter.
  • Take a portion near the front on either side.
  • On one side, loosely twist the fabric.
  • Tuck the end into your bottoms and fiddle with it until you achieve the look you want.

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Back Knot

Simply flip the additional knotted fabric in the front to the rear if you don’t like it. This method makes a loose-fitting shirt more form-fitting and allows you to reduce it to the desired length.

  • Fold the front of the garment up to the desired length.
  • Back in the room, gather the additional material.
  • Begin twisting that part until it forms a spiral.
  • Pull the end piece through the centre and wrap the fabric around the ball.
  • If the end piece is long enough, you can fold it beneath the knot as an optional step to hide it.

Super-Cropped Front Knot

This exposes more skin, but if you want to add a subtle yet revealing detail, you can wear a longline bralette and have it pop out from below.

  • Fold the shirt in the back in the same way as the previous knot, but slightly higher.
  • Gather the cloth in the front and fold the shirt’s sides up higher.
  • Twist the segment until a spiral develops.
  • Continue winding the end piece around the ball and pulling it through. The knot should be on your torso’s top section.
  • If you want to disguise the knot, you can fold it all the way beneath the hem of your shirt.

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Open-Back Tuck

People, back sweat is real, especially in these hot summer months. To get some air on your skin, fold your tee like this. It’ll also give your plain ol’ shirt an unexpected twist.

  • Tuck the fabric beneath your back bra strap with your fingertips.
  • Tuck and fold the fabric under the elastic until you achieve the desired look. It’s tough, and it can take a few tries to get it right!
  • Take the front leftover cloth and tie a knot on one side.
  • Tuck that portion in loosely.

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