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Exercising or doing workouts is common these days, and many people, mainly teenagers, are getting involved in it. Regular workouts will offer you many benefits and help you maintain physical fitness and overall health and well-being. It will help you strengthen and enhance your body functions, preventing many diseases and keeping you healthy. HIIT bike workouts are one of the common exercises that are mostly done for weight loss, building muscles, and increasing your strength. 

HIIT workouts usually include cardio, which will burn more fat but are somewhat hard. HIIT bike workout is one such cardio workout you can do outdoors or indoors. Research has found that HIIT cycling is an effective workout for your body, as it burns more calories quickly. This will be the best choice if you are looking for an effective weight loss plan. 

All about HIIT bike workout

HIIT Workout – high-intensity interval training is a workout or training method involving intense workouts with short intervals. As the name suggests, it is considered a little hard training that an early workout practitioner usually does. It consists of intense workouts with short bouts lasting around 10 to 60 seconds. Each exercise is provided with a few seconds or minutes of recovery, and the hard workouts are continued or repeated for around 30 to 60 minutes (overall). 

HIIT bike workout is one such cardio workout wherein cycling is the exercise. This HIIT workout involves cycling (usually indoors on the HIIT bike) by following different sessions and rest. A single session of HIIT cycling workout is considered to be around a little of 12 or 10 minutes with a few seconds or minutes of rest. It is an excellent cardio workout that will burn calories quickly. Thus, a HIIT cycling workout is referred to as an intense exercise with frequent recovery periods for short times. Indoor HIIT bike is available in different styles, like actual bicycle, or with different alterations. 

Benefits of HIIT Bike workout

It helps burn more calories quickly – the fastest way to get fit.

HIIT bike training involves cycling with different challenges by following short alternating periods. It involves a series of sessions mostly considered as different levels and changes accordingly. HIIT exercises usually enhance your metabolism and leave you in a stage of breathlessness. After an intense cycling workout, your body will be in the fat-burning mode or state for up to 24 hours. So, it will burn more fat. The metabolism enhancement will also last for many hours after a workout, which results in burning additional calories. Thus, it will help you stay fit even after consuming a lot of calories.  it is one of the best benefits of hiit bike workout. 

Interval training on a bike is found to burn more calories than an ordinary workout 

HIIT bike workout involves intense cycling with many interval gaps. Studies have found that following such a workout plan can reduce fat. A one-hour intense workout will burn more calories than a one-hour normal workout. So, it can be considered a short workout with better results. 

It helps you to avoid chronic stress and other negative effects on the mind

A HIIT cycling workout is capable of avoiding or removing chronic stress. When suddenly accelerating your cycle faster during the HIIT workout, your body releases restorative testosterone and HGH. It will help you combat the negative effects on your body and reduce your stress levels. So it will help you stay focused and reduce your depression. 

HIIT workouts on the bike can prevent aging

Research and studies have found that high-intensity interval training on bikes offers impressive anti-aging results in older people. The high-intensity training on bikes has shown more efficiency in combating aging than most other cardio workouts. It is also considered one of the best training for older people for this purpose than younger groups. Researchers have mentioned that people start aging when their cells fail to regenerate quickly. It is mainly because of the decrease in mitochondria inside the muscle cells. But doing High-intensity workouts like cycling has improved it by correcting the functionality of cells. 

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HIIT bike workout plan

You can find a lot of high-intensity cycling workout plans with various hardness levels. You can choose different plans based on your choice and capability to do the exercise. Usually, HIIT bike exercises are denoted or mentioned as zone 1 (maximum heart rate-MHR around 60-65%), zone 2 (MHR 65% to 75%), zone 3 (MHR 75 to 82%), zone 4 (MHR 83 to 89%), zone 5 (MHR 89 to 94%, and zone 6 (MHR more than 94%). HIIT bike workout is usually done between 10 to 60 minutes, and beginners can start it by doing a 10-minute workout (later, they can move on to 20, 30, 40, etc., based on their choice). 

  1. Warm-up 
  • Around 10 minutes in zone 1 and zone 2 
  1. Main session
  • Around 5 minutes at zone 3
  • 3 minutes at zone 4
  • 2 minutes at zone 5

Rest for 2 minutes

  • 1 minute at zone 4 and 1 minute at zone 5; swap this for around 8 minutes

Rest for 2 minutes

  • 1 minute standing and one-minute sitting cycling at zone 4 for 8 minutes

Rest for 2 minutes

  • Four minutes big-gear at 60rpm through zone 5; take a sprint in the last minute.

Rest for 2 minutes

  • Twenty seconds max effort, 8 times with 10 seconds rest in between 
  1. Cool down session 

Continue the cycling workout for 5 minutes at a low or easy speed. 

The HIIT cycling workout plan provided above is just moderate-level training, and you must follow much harder plans for other workouts. All different HIIT cycle workout plans are based on various purposes, some of which are the following. 

  • Plan to increase your workout intensity
  • Workout to raise your Functional Threshold Power (FTP) (usually considered harder). 

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High-intensity interval training is considered one of the best training methods to help you find results quickly. HIIT bike workout is one of them, which involves high-intensity cycling with some intervals in between them. If you plan to lose weight quickly, this will be an effective method. You can find detailed information about this workout, including its benefits, workout plans, etc. Apart from all this information, working on a HIIT bike can help you build or increase muscle mass in your legs (glutes, hamstrings, calves, and quads).

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