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Write for us Education: Aiming to write an education guest post for Meganewshub? Be kept in the loop …

At Meganewshub, we’re passionate about education. We publish blog posts on a variety of educational subjects. We’re always keen to accept guest posters and content writers that can help develop fresh, intriguing, and valuable web content.

We welcome pitches on all academic subjects and all grades from pre-K to study abroad guides. We’re always curious about pitches on our core approaches: project-based understanding, social as well as psychological discovery, modern technology combination, expert knowledge, detailed evaluation, and integrated research.

We routinely send updates to our guest posters concerning the subjects we’re concentrating on in the coming months.

Education Write for us: We accept Education Guest Post content on the following topics:

– School Education

– Career

– College Guide

– Courses

– Study Abroad

– Project-based assessment

– Research or informative work

– Skill Development Courses 

and many more Related to the Educational topics. 

Our Main Motive is to educate people who are visiting our blog.

Who is welcomed to write for us?

We’re welcoming authors from different fields, who have adequate knowledge on educational subjects. All inspiring educators and researchers, professors and school teachers, educational consultants can contribute with an article. 

We’re welcoming authors from different fields. Anybody with a proper and substantial understanding of numerous educational subjects is welcome to contribute with an educational guest post. All passionate teachers, scientists, professors, school teachers, industry experts can contribute with an education guest post. Contact us to submit your education guest post if you have any new academic topics or observant views.

We value all pitches on academics and knowledge-based subjects. Your content has to be unique, original, and 100% plagiarism-free. Valuable and thoughtful posts that would benefit our readers are constantly invited at Meganewshub. Assist our community of academic contributors to grow by sending us your education guest blogs.

Education Guest posting Content guidelines.

  • We only accept articles that haven’t been covered before on our blog. We request you to go through the blog and send a post topic that helps fill a content gap.
  • We only accept unique content. Please make sure your content passes the plagiarism check before sending us your document.
  • The post should be at least 800+ words long. We like long-form content which comprehensively covers the topic. So a guest post with 1500-5000 words has a higher chance of acceptance.
  • Please add additional images or videos which add value to the blog 
  • Submitted educational guest posts should not be promotional in any way.
  • Please make sure your article is grammatically correct. 

Write For us Education: How to Submit a Guest Post?

  • Please mail us your topic before sending the article directly. 
  • Send it to our email address [email protected]
  • We will get back to your query within 6 hours.
  • Please send your education guest post in a word or pdf format. 
  • Please mail us your topic at bhartendu Prakash with the
  • Subject (Educational Guest Post or Advertising)
  • Mention your article topic and the website that you want to link

We will get back to you if you follow our guidelines.

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Contact: [email protected]

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