10 Simple Ways To Make Cheap Clothes Look Expensive

Not every person who loves fashion has the cash or time to spend on creating the ideal closet loaded with top-of-the-line pieces. There are many women clothing websites showcasing a wide variety of luxurious clothes to buy over a click. But is it a good idea? Why not think of something creative? Here are 10 Simple Ways to Make Cheap Clothes Look Expensive

The tips ahead help you in maintaining your financial balance help your closet to feel more creative. It is true that even when most of your outfit came from the sales rack, you can feel put together.

1. Get everything tailored.

With just a few fast stitches, a $10 Forever21 skirt might end up looking nicer than a $300 couture skirt. Take those cheap garments to a tailor before you take them home if the fit isn’t perfect right off the rack. It is well worth the money.
Also, keep in mind that the simpler the clothing is, the easier (and less expensive) it is to tailor.

2. Replace the buttons.

Another way to make look your Cheap Clothes Look Expensive is to replace your basic plastic buttons with something a little more luxurious-looking, such as metal, bone, or mother of pearl. You can get them from “trimmings” shops or online at sites like eBay or Etsy. You can also get them from outdated clothes that you no longer wear.
Don’t worry about changing them yourself; most dry cleaners will do it for you for a few dollars.

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3. Only wear items that are in “as new” condition.

If you can’t get a stain out yourself, take it to a dry cleaning right away to see what they can do. If there’s nothing more you can do, contribute it. Deal with any loose threads or buttons, as well as damaged seams. Other people will notice it if you do.

4. Avoid distressed items at all costs.

Distressed hardware and fabrics can quickly appear old and worn out, especially if they were purchased at a low price. Ripped jeans, for example, can look nice at any price range, but whiskering and other denim distressing techniques are frequently less convincing at lower price points. Distressing is a skill that may be learned. It takes time to do it properly. Time is money, as the adage goes.

5. Reduce the amount of time you spend washing your clothes!

You want everything to be clean, but washing it isn’t the way to go. Washing clothes deteriorates the textiles and fades the colours, making them appear old and worn out. Spot clean a stain using a sponge or toothbrush if it appears on an item of clothing. Put something in the freezer for the night if it starts to smell. Yes, the freezer method is effective. Try it right now!

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6. Purchase a steamer.

Wrinkles may make everything appear cheap, but ironing is a pain, and many synthetics aren’t ironable. In just a few minutes, a decent steamer can remove wrinkles from almost anything. If you’re in between washes, steam the piece the night before and hang it in an area with plenty of natural light. Any leftover odours will be neutralised by the chilly night air, and the piece should be good to wear by morning.

If you’re taking an extra-long shower, resist the impulse to hang your clothing in the bathroom. Ambient steam in a bathroom is insufficient to remove stubborn wrinkles and is a waste of water. This can make you look your Cheap Clothes Look Expensive

7. Keep it simple.

Start with basic items on the inexpensive end — no jewelled embellishments, pleated tops, or distressed and whiskered denim, for example, because these elements are extremely difficult to achieve on a budget. Beyond that, you might want to consider simplifying your overall style. For example, don’t try to make three cheap tiny bracelets look more striking by stacking them. Wear only one bracelet that is the thickness you desire. “How can I make this outfit sleeker?” ask yourself before you leave the house.

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8. Invest in expensive statement pieces and trend items, and save on basic, versatile pieces and “timeless classics.”

The high-low look is all the rage these days, but most people are doing it incorrectly. Spending $300 on a pair of black leather pumps that you could get for $50 at ASOS is a waste of money. The truth is that both shoes will wear out before you are finished with them, and it is unlikely that anyone, even yourself, would be able to identify the difference between the two.

Save your money for the eye-catching trend pieces that will inevitably become the focal point of your ensemble.

9. Black is a better option than brown.

When browns and other warm, earthy colours like mauve and olive are utilised in patterns and low-quality materials like those used in cheap clothing, they can look dingy and melancholy. Concentrate on black and white, as well as highly saturated colours that feel bright and crisp, such as vivid pastels and deep, rich jewel tones.

10. Create a smooth silhouette under your clothes.

Distracting bra lines and obvious pantylines make your clothes appear fragile and ill-fitting. The problem is that most cheap garments are fragile and ill-fitting, but a well-fitted bra, a slip, or some light shapewear can hide those bumps and distractions and quickly elevate your image.

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