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No doubt that PNG (Portable Network Graphics) and PDF (Portable Document Format) are different formats that are used for different purposes over certain mediums. But sometimes you need to save PNG as a PDF document format for different concerns. This is the place where an online PNG to PDF converter comes into the picture to specifically transform PNG raster graphic files into Adobe PDF documents. In this article, we’ll read about the top 5 ways to change png to pdf.

Although there are innumerable online mediums that are loaded with the best and even free tools that let you process such conversions, choosing one from them seems daunting. Thus, we shortlisted a couple of ways that entirely indicate how easily you can be able to export PNG as a PDF file. 

How to Change PNG to PDF (5 Best Ways)

Did You Know!

There are a bunch of reasons behind PNG raster to PDF conversions, but we only discussing compelling ones:

  • If you want to share PNG raster graphic files without compromising on the quality
  • PDF is the universal format for sharing and storing concerns and even it conveniently viewable on all devices and processes well on all operating systems
  • For safety concerns: as PDF is indicted as the most secure document format, you can easily encrypt it by setting a password to restrict access

Well, no matter what reasons you have behind PNG graphic files to PDFs, give a try online PNG to PDF converter by the source of that helps you to proceed with high-quality conversions. 

1) Adobe Acrobat:

Adobe Acrobat is an ultimate program that lets you work with PDF documents legitimately. You can account for its free PNG to PDF converter right now to proceed with conversions from PNG file to PDF with utter diligence. Apart from PNG files, it assists you to export different image formats that include BMP, JPG, GIF, and TIF images as PDF document formats. The most apparent reason to consider this application is that it preserves the original quality while transforming. It’s one of the best tools to convert png to pdf online. 

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Moreover, this converter will take a couple of seconds to deliver quality results. For your convenience, it provided you with a simple UI, you just need to make drag and drop files and let it proceed further. Also, now you can readily select to save converted PDF documents from the Adobe Document Cloud to proceed with instant sharing. 

Why choose Adobe Acrobat to convert pnd to pdf online:
  • Let your process online as well as offline
  • Loaded with quick conversions
  • Works on multi-platform
  • Fully integrated with Adobe Document Cloud
  • Attain high-quality PNG to PDF document conversions

2) Theonlineconverter:

Get online PNG to PDF converter from this source and proceed with high-quality conversions within a matter of seconds. No complicated steps and the registration process involves proceeding with single or batch file transformation. Apart from exporting PNG images as PDF files, you can easily compress, merge, unlock, split, lock, unlock, and much more!

Moreover, now you can perform high-quality conversions related to audio, video, document, and different other file formats. Even if you proceed with batch PNG files to PDF conversions, the quality will remain the same, there’s no distortion. 

Why the online converter to convert png to pdf:

  • 100% free web-based platform
  • As it is online, it processes instant conversions
  • No quality distortion even if you process with batch files conversions
  • Advanced setting options available 

3) Smallpdf:

Smallpdf is always the best source when it comes to turning images and editing PDF documents without any quality loss. Attain its best online PNG to PDF converter right now, and upload the PNG file into the box and lets a tool convert it into a PDF document file. Apart from that, it assists you to import a file from Dropbox and Google Drive cloud-depended services. Remember that its SSL encryption connection entirely ensures that both uploads, as well as download files, are fully secured. 

The most amazing thing about this PNG file to PDF converter is that it lets you combine multiple PNG raster graphic files into an individual PDF file format. Even it allows you to change different types of images including GIF, TIFF, BMP, and JPG while keeping the quality high. Quit worrying as you just require a modern web-dependent browser and a stable internet connection for exporting PNG as a PDF document file. 

Why Smallpdf:
  • Swift and instant PNG to PDF conversions online
  • Works on multiple platforms
  • Entirely ensures the security and privacy of your files
  • Lets you merge multiple png files into a single pdfs
  • No additional software installation is required to save png as pdf online

4) iLove PDF:

If you want to work with Adobe PDF document format, iLovePDF is the great medium that serves you for free. It’s free and an online PNG to PDF converter will take less than a second to turn PNG into PDF format while maintaining the high quality. The amazing thing is that this tool works for integrating Google Drive and Dropbox cloud-based services for saving PNG as PDF documents online.

Moreover, this handy platform lets you proceed with the following values:

  • Rotation
  • Page orientation (portrait/landscape)
  • Page size (A4/Fit/US Letter)
  • Margins (no margin, small or big)
Why iLovepdf:
  • Assists you in combining multiple PNG images into an individual PDF file
  • Loaded with extra options to proceed with advanced and quality conversions
  • Simplerrd user-interface
  • Fully integrated with different cloud-based services
  • Process well on all devices and operating systems
  • Data security features enable, which indicates that your files are 100% safe

5) PDFCandy:

Give a try to this best PNG to PDF converter by PDFCandy that entirely keeps your file secure from any unauthorized access. Even now you can be able to tweak a few tremendous features that include page size, orientations, and margins.

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Moreover, this application is packed with a swift batch convert function that allows you to process multiple files all at once, this will save both time and effort. Once you get a PDF from PNG, you can be able to proceed with further editing actions to the PDF document that includes watermarking, encrypting with a password, compressing, and certain others. 

Why PDFCandy:
  • Assists you to compress and encrypt the output PDFs
  • Loaded with particular options to swiftly tweak the margins, orientations, and page size
  • Free for batch files processing
  • 100% safe
  • Even provided you with the offline version
  • You can be able to process with Google Drive and Dropbox services

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