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We want you to Write For us Business. Meganewshub is a guide and source of inspiration for over 50000 readers and professionals.
Every week, we publish comprehensive business strategy guides. Each article comprises 1,200+ word articles about topics relevant to this audience.
We are frequently asked if we will accept business guest posts as a high-traffic blog that publishes high-quality, weekly articles. As a result, the answer is yes. We’re looking for work that’s unique and of high quality. Connect with us at [email protected] and send us your samples.
We want to invite all new authors and regular bloggers to write for us with the “Write for us” guest blogging initiative. We enjoy connecting with anyone interested in business or areas related to marketing. So, if you think you have what it takes to write for us, please get in touch with us!
Because of the time we spend formatting and promoting our articles, we will only publish articles on topics we haven’t covered before that our readers will find helpful. That is, the content MUST be valuable and actionable for our target audience of business owners and HR managers looking to improve their company culture and leadership.

Write For Us Business: We accept articles and and topic suggestions centred on;

  • Business tips and techniques
  • Business news and updates daily
  • Launch of a New Product
  • Case studies in marketing
  • Financial guidance
  • Tutorials on finance
  • Guides to digital marketing and much more

Before pitching an article, we strongly advise you to spend some time reading through our blog and getting a sense of the types of articles we publish.

Write for our Business: Get your message out to a large number of people.

Over a thousand people visit the blog every month, and it’s still growing. All high-quality articles are included in our monthly newsletter, exposing your work to a larger audience who will read and share it.
We’re on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, among other social media platforms. We will share all your articles on these networks for increased exposure.
Please be aware that you will not be compensated for your submissions. Please send us some writing samples if you’re a good writer and think you can write great articles for us.
Contact us at [email protected] if you’d like to write for us.

What Happens If Your Story Is Accepted For Publication?

If your story is chosen, it is sent to our editors for review. We email it back with our suggestions if it needs to be changed. We reserve the right to change the title or content of the article. The author has no right to republish the story after it has been published on Meganewshub.
You can use our “Sponsored Post” option if you need your post to be published quickly. Your article will be published within 1-2 business days if it meets our requirements. We believe it is critical to limit spam submissions, so the page is a little long, and the standards are strict. I eagerly anticipate reading more fantastic articles from you!

Write for Us Business: How do I submit a business article?

Please email your article and author bio to [email protected] once you’ve double-checked that all of the above requirements have been met.
We will publish all articles that comply with the above guidelines. Still, we reserve the right to reject any articles that do not. We also reserve the right to change articles as needed to enhance the reader’s experience.

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