Marketing via text message with customers is effective and can boost sales quickly. Every email serves as an advertisement for your wares. Text messaging (SMS) is a 24/7 service that can attract new clients and help retain current ones. With a well-executed SMS marketing strategy, your company’s expansion may almost run itself, while you focus on other things. For any small business, whether just starting or well-established, text messaging is a great way to spread the word, get new leads, and boost revenue. Using the five strategies outlined in this text message marketing for small businesses guide, your company’s bottom line will surely take a nosedive. Read more about the Top 5 Ways To Boost Revenue with SMS Automation.

Top 5 Ways To Boost Revenue with SMS Automation

The top 5 ways to boost revenue with SMS automation are:

  1. Customer Service Via Text Message
  2. Promo Messages Should Be Sent Out
  3. Send out Mailings Based on Dates
  4. Reclaim Discarded Shopping Carts
  5. Solicit Comments And Critiques

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Customer Service via Text Message

For business owners, especially those operating on a smaller scale, customer service is no longer a one-way path. Nearly 85% of customers today who receive information from a business via text messages also want the option to reply to or engage in a dialogue with the firm. According to statistics, by responding to inquiries by text messaging, you may help customers save time and effort. It’s a great approach for business owners to keep up with demand and keep consumers happy, especially considering that 88% of customers want a response from your company within 60 minutes. Live chat is the most straightforward option for supporting customers via SMS. See how quickly one customer’s queries were answered by text message when they qualified for a birthday discount.

Promo Messages Should Be Sent Out

For a small company, sending out an SMS broadcast is a quick and easy approach to reach more customers and increase revenue. While just around a quarter of email recipients read marketing emails, more than half of SMS recipients do. Setting up an SMS broadcast takes no more than five minutes and will cost you about $.01 per message. With the help of a broadcast, you can instantly communicate with a large number of people by sending them all SMS messages at once. They facilitate the exposure of your text marketing message to people who might not otherwise see it.

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Send out Mailings Based on Dates

Campaigns that are time- and date-based reach out to consumers at the precise moment they are most likely to make a purchase. Examples include anniversaries, birthdays, and notices of upcoming sales events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s a form of customization that helps build relationships with clients and makes them feel special. Over forty percent of consumers believe they are more likely to purchase with a brand if it can provide a unique experience for each shopper, and eighty per cent of regular customers say they will only shop with a company if they can get this kind of service. To send a message to contact through SMS, the next step is to set up a Rule that will cause a message to be sent to their phone. A promotional message can be automatically sent five to seven days before a contact’s birthday as part of a birthday campaign, like the one described above for the fictitious Loving Mommy brand. They’ll probably be thrilled to receive your birthday gift and will likely spend it in your shop. This is one of the best ways to earn revenue with SMS automation. 

Reclaim Discarded Shopping Carts

Sending a text to customers who have abandoned their purchases may entice them to return and complete their purchase. Abandoned cart notifications are a simple approach to recoup part of the money lost when 88% of shoppers abandon their carts.

Similar to an abandoned cart email, an SMS message can be sent out when a certain amount of time has passed. A customer who abandons their cart in your online store will receive a text message (but only if they opted in to receive text messages from you) reminding them to finish their purchase.

Solicit Comments And Critiques

Business SMS campaigns that solicit customer feedback are a fantastic method to both learn what features consumers find most useful and to show them that their opinions matter. Sharing your plans for future products and soliciting feedback from your customers indicates that you value their opinion and are willing to incorporate them into your firm.


Customer retention and acquisition can be boosted by offering text messaging as a constant, around-the-clock service. If you implement the suggestions in this text message marketing for small businesses guide, you should expect a precipitous decline in your company’s profits. You can have an SMS broadcast up and running in under five minutes at a cost of less than a penny per message. Feedback SMS campaigns are a great method to show customers that their thoughts are valued. If a consumer leaves items in their shopping cart but doesn’t complete the purchase, they will receive a text message from your business. It’s easy to recuperate some of the money wasted when 88% of shoppers abandon their baskets by using abandoned cart alerts.

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