Runners, triathletes, swimmers, and golfers have one thing in common: an active lifestyle. They are always on the move to reach their goals. It is why a watch is the best companion on any journey. The watch goes through many rough conditions and tests how long it can last. Fortunately, sports watches can stand such conditions.

A watch can keep up with the pace when you are getting ready for an active lifestyle. These can add character to your path toward success. Check out these four watches to track your progress!

Seiko 5 Automatic SNZF17

The Seiko 5 SNZF17 is an automatic watch ideal for competitive swimming. However, despite its water resistance of 330 feet, it is not ideal for diving. The watch features a 42mm stainless steel casing and a unidirectional rotating bezel. You can read the hands and hours in a low-lit area with its Lumibrite. As a result, you can read the time without worry.

Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire

The Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire is for those who love the great outdoors. This sports watch can track your steps, whether walking or hiking. You can also track your heart rate and oxygen levels with its pulse monitor.

It has a dial of 33mm, and you read everything under broad daylight. In addition, it has 2,000 pre-loaded trails and topographical maps if you are in the mountains or ski resorts. The watch is especially beneficial for hikers and skiing enthusiasts.

COROS Pace 2

The COROS Pace 2 is a premium sports watch with long battery life. It has a nylon strap that can withstand continuous activity, so you can go beyond your ideal goal. In addition, you can connect via Bluetooth to sync progress with your smartphone.

You can use the watch in sports activities, including running, biking, and swimming. However, it does not have hiking, skiing, or climbing features. The watch has a hard plastic build, yet it will not hold against major impacts. On the other hand, it is a reliable companion for working out. Ensure that the effort you exert goes well with the sports watch.

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SRPD91 Seiko 5 Sports Green

The SRPD91 is the successor of the Seiko 5 Sports SKX series. It features an all-black 42.5mm case and can withstand water up to 330 feet. However, it is not ideal for deepsea diving, but you can use it while driving a jet ski.

With a black finish, the watch pops out the white hands and hours with great legibility. The green strap and the up-to-date dials make it a perfect everyday timepiece. Because the SKX series inspired it, it is no wonder that the timepiece remains popular.

Wrapping Up

Sports watches have the advantage of keeping up with one’s active lifestyle. Depending on your needs for the sport, the watch adjusts to your liking. In addition, it serves as a companion to your fitness journey when you start all over. You can go digital or analog, so as long you know your goals. Remember that time is everything when you have a long journey ahead of you. 

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