Having a vibrant workforce is something that Singapore is known for as a city-state with a thriving economy. Especially in light of the circumstance that this resource consists of both locals and foreigners. Here is a guide that will help you find a job in Singapore as a foreigner if you’re looking for employment opportunities. In this article, we’ll read about the best jobs for foreigners in Singapore.

The best jobs for foreigners in Singapore

During the past few years, the job market within this Asian city has grown gradually due to more and more companies starting up within Singapore’s business hub.

Seeking a job as a foreigner might be challenging to find no experience jobs in Singapore. There is no need to worry – this article will be able to help you find your way!

1. Audit manager

An audit manager is a senior-level professional who leads audits, scopes audit frameworks, performs risk assessments, coaches and supports junior audit staff, and identifies improvement opportunities.

The average audit manager has 5-10 years of experience in internal audit. They earn an average gross salary of $12,718, and they must possess strong technical skills and be adept at strategic thinking.

2. General Practitioner/Physician

In recent years, Singapore has shifted toward preventive and community care to meet the aging population’s needs. Good general practitioners (and family physicians) must be trained to provide patient-centered care closer to home since they are the first line of care.

Generally, General Practitioners earn around $12,373 annually and can become Family Physicians after completing postgraduate training in Family Medicine (the Graduate Diploma of Family Medicine is the minimum requirement).

3. Strategic planning manager

Strategic planning managers are responsible for the organization’s long-term and strategic goals. A strategic blueprint, business plan, project, or policy is developed by working with subordinates or a cross-functional team(s).

Strategic planning managers must possess strong strategic planning, analytical thinking, communication, and organization skills, as well as leadership abilities. The median gross monthly salary for these workers is $11,480.

4. Information Technology

Singapore has consistently attracted foreigners from around the world to its IT industry. Numerous opportunities tend to exist in this sector since many businesses have set up shop in the city-state!

There are jobs available for foreigners in programming, coding, web design, and security!

5. Engineering Jobs

Engineers with experience in technical service management can earn up to $9,500 per month. The equivalent amount is roughly 6,214 Euros or $7,022. A director of engineering can find work in various fields, with aerospace and chemicals being two of the most popular.

There is also an income range of S$5,200 to S$13,000 per month for construction project managers and commercial property developers.

6. Social Media Marketing

Another job skill foreigners interested in finding a job in Singapore can look into is social media marketing. Due to the steady rise of social media platforms and their users, jobs within the industry are automatically expected to increase! In this way, this skill has become a popular one among job seekers.

We hope you liked our article on the best job in Singapore for a foreigner.

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