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The appointment letter is the first item of record handed to the candidate who has gone via the meeting and has been chosen for the setting. This letter is an official letter provided by the organization where the prospect has been used. It is an intimation letter given to the selected Employee for a particular designation like a software professional, an auditor, a teacher, an accountant, a designer, etc or an internship. and  In this article, we have included various Job appointment letter format. You can download job appointment letter format in word and pdf for later use.

The appointment letter will contain the Name of the individual being used for the work and the designation name, company name, and day of consultation. In this short article, we will see the format of the readymade appointment letter together with some examples. These samples are provided in words and are effortless appointment letter word style that can be conveniently prepared.

A sample letter asking for a consultation for an organization meeting is additionally provided here, which can be mailed to the concerned person. These request letters can be sent out by the worker requesting a meeting consultation with the boss or supervisor of the firm or to a client for a conversation over the business.

When is the Appointment Letter Provided?

This appointment letter format can be made use of by a human resources manager of the Company or Manager of a Company providing a task to possible hire. This appointment letter places officially and in composing all else that was still left unsaid at the time of work fills in the spaces and connects the dots about any questions or information the worker might still have had. This gives him a feeling regarding the everyday work and day to day duties anticipated of him.

Consultation letters are offered on the day of joining of the Employee, printed on the business’s letterhead. The Employer retains one copy of the mutually authorized appointment letter, while the Employee retains an additional authorized paper.

Appointment Letter Format: How to Write an Appointment Letter?

If you need to create an appointment letter for somebody, here are some points to remember.

Visit letters are always printed on the letterhead of the business and authorized by the Management, HR Manager or the individual authorized to employ the prospect.

The appointment letter style must comply with an official organization layout since it is a legitimately binding record. The work appointment letter marks the start of a worker’s journey and needs to represent the origin of something brand-new and exciting. The letter’s tone should impart assumptions, however, clearly existing the set regarding employment.

Open on a congratulatory note and end with a cosy welcome, yet make confident the body of the letter has the specific details of the deal. If the business calls for history checks for brand-new workers before employment, make sure that this is stated clearly in the letter.

Appointment Letter Format

A well-crafted Appointment Letter Format must offer complete disclosure of all employment stipulations and other terms and conditions used from the company’s side to ensure that the candidate communicates their joining day by accepting all conditions. The followings points need to be covered in a perfect appointment letter format:

  1. Firm’s Letterhead with Name & address of the company (company).
  2. Issuance Date of the Appointment Letter.
  3. Full Name and address of the Candidate.
  4. Job Title/ Position offered.
  5. Job Role & responsibilities.
  6. Nature of Job.
  7. Irreversible b. Temporary C. Legal.
  8. Office timing.
  9. Annual & Monthly Salary.
  10. Perks and Benefits.
  11. Employment Terms & Conditions.
  12. Brief of various company policies.
  13. Reference or attachment of Employee Handbook or HR Manual.
  14. Time length of the contract/ Appointment (if any).
  15. Date of joining.
  16. A list of documents needs to be sent when signing up.
  17. Security requirements.
  18. Commitment or declaration.
  19. Provision regarding termination

Download Appointment Letter Format in Word

Download Appointment Letter Format in PDF


The extremely sought after Letter of Appointment !! It is the light at the end of the employment passage. All your prep work, stress, calls, and rounds of meetings were done to get this little but virtual notepad. An appointment letter is a record offered to a competent candidate who will quickly be utilized in a company where they applied.

Before continuing, discuss that the term appointment letter can have two different effects. When individuals speak of appointment letters, they typically refer to an appointment letter from a company to a staff member confirming work. Yet an appointment letter may also suggest a letter composed requesting a visit. While using a visa, an individual will undoubtedly write a letter for consultation demanding to set up the visa visit. The visa appointment letter example below will undoubtedly aid clarify the difference.

Currently, back to the letter of visit. The procedures of the employment process have been completed and validated, and the prospect is picked. The company will certainly release an appointment letter for the work.

The job appointment letter for a brand-new worker places formally and in creating all else that was discussed at the time of employment. It clears up and completes the blanks, any inquiries or details the staff member may still have concerning the task and gives them a clear idea about the day-to-day job and day-to-day duties expected of them.

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Appointment Letter Sample.

We have shared some appointment letter samples below. You can download these appointment letter format in word and pdf.

Internship Appointment Letter.

Often the companies also offer to teach fellowships to the betters or trainees who are already seeking their college graduation to provide an understanding of the job atmosphere in the organizations. These internships will be short-lived, such as often it is three months. Usually, it takes six months, depending on the firm’s demand. Trainees tend to discover a whole lot through these teaching fellowships.

Below, we have shown the sample internship appointment letter format. You can download this internship appointment letter format in word and pdf.

Appointment Letter for Job/Employee.

The letter to appoint an employee for a particular designation or task is called a job appointment letter

Below, we have shown the sample Appointment Letter for Job/Employee.t. You can download this Job/Employee appointment letter format in word and pdf.. Below is the sample letter for a software program professional job.

Appointment Letter for Accountant.

An appointment letter layout India for the placement of Accountant ought to include the Date of joining, job location, Salary and benefits, and functioning hours, particularly on it. Below, we have shown the sample accountant appointment letter format. You can download this accountant appointment letter format in word and pdf.

Difference Between Offer Letter and Appointment Letter.

When a company employs a staff member for a particular designation, they might send a variety of communication before the position is filled up. The company gives the two crucial documents or letters after the recruitment process more than are offer letter and appointment letter.

What is an Offer Letter?

An offer letter is a letter that a firm sends to the prospect when they determine to employ an employee for a task. This letter will specify the work designation and wage offered by the firm. It might also point out the various other perks and benefits the firm will provide after the prospect has signed up for the task. In addition to that, the offer letter included the Date of joining and job location in it. If the business requires any other worker information, such as birth certification, ID evidence, or professional license, it will be mentioned in the letter. The letter will include a due date under which the staff member has to respond, stopping working, which they might lose the candidature for the job. And the following candidate will be worked with for the setting.

What is an Appointment Letter?

The appointment letter is a confirmation letter sent by the firm to the picked prospect, stating that they have been assigned for the particular position. This letter will generally consist of designation name, Date of joining, Job location, Salary at which both the parties have concurred, benefits, functioning hrs, working days, and the firm’s terms and conditions.

The primary difference between an offer letter and an appointment letter is the candidate has to reply to the letter that they are approving the offer letter of the placement used by the firm. The candidate is either asked to get the printout of the offer letter, place their signature, and send it back via appointment letter approval mail or message. In the case of visit letters, it is given only when the candidate has actually accepted the offer letter by the firm.

Frequently asked questions On Letter of Appointment Format.

1. What is an Appointment Letter?

An appointment letter is a company’s confirmation letter to the chosen prospect, specifying that they have been designated for a particular setting and include designation name, Date of joining, Job location, Salary at which both the celebrations have agreed, benefits, functioning hours, functioning days, and business terms and conditions.

2. What is the setup of the appointment letter?

Request Letter for Job Appointment (Template).


( Full Names).

( Title).

( Institution).

( State, city, zip code).

( Date).

From (Full names) (Address).

Dear Mr./ Ms. (surname).

Truly, Yours Sincerely. (Full names).

3. What should be consisted of in an appointment letter?

Date of Joining.


Job Location.

Salary and Benefits.

Hours of working.

Leave Policy.

Terms and conditions.

We hope you liked this article on appointment letter format. Let us know your feedback in the comment section.

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